Kelowna’s Climate

Kelowna enjoys a mostly dry climate and mild weather that allows the Echinacea plant to grow on road banks, fields and in dry, open wooded areas. Hot and dry Summers, mild Winters and fertile soil also make Kelowna an ideal area for growing grapes and producing wine. About 43% of land area in the City of Kelowna is Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) land.

A very dry Kelowna Summer in 2003 helped cause the Okanagan Park Fires. Kelowna received only 72.5 mm of precipitation between May and August of 2003 compared to 143.5 mm during the same period in 2006 according to The Weather Network. Kelowna’s average daily temperature is approximately 7.7 °C and it receives an average of 298 mm of rainfall based on Environment Canada’s most recent weather data.

Kelowna’s rolling hills have allowed designers to carve out some of the most challenging golf courses in the world and its snowy mountain peaks make for world class skiing in Winter. Many of Kelowna’s hotels are close to Lake Okanagan which allows sun bathers and water sport enthusiasts to cool off during Kelowna’s sizzling summers. Taking a boat cruise is popular attraction among travelers who wish to enjoy Kelowna’s cool Summer evenings.

Summer Sun

Kelowna’s hot, dry Summer Sun makes its beaches a popular place to be during the day. Gyro Beach and City Park beach are located in the Kelowna North real estate neighbourhood and the Lower Mission real estate neighbourhood respectively. It’s a wise idea to wear a hat to shield against the Sun when on vacation, a business trip or a group adventure in Kelowna. Wearing a hat with a wide brim or long peak is a recommended way to prevent heat stroke, and below is a list of some hats that may provide protection from Kelowna’s intense Summer Sun:

  • Boater
  • Baseball Cap
  • Bucket Hat
  • Cowboy Hat
  • Fedora
  • Panama

Winter Snow

Kelowna sits in the Okanagan Valley surrounded by mountains and escarpments. On a given winter’s day, there may be no snow in the valley yet snow will be falling in the Kettle Valley real estate neighbourhood. Expect to see lots of snow up in the Big White real estate neighbourhood since this area is home to some of Kelowna’s best skiing. Mountain roads can be narrow, winding, slippery, and dangerous when covered with snow, so it may be wise to take a shuttle bus from the hotel to the ski resort.