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N.L. hunter uses bicycle to track moose

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010 | 9:46 am

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A cycling moose hunter in eastern Newfoundland says using a bicycle to track moose raises some eyebrows but works because it allows him to get close to his prey without startling it.

“I'll tell you, a lot of people blow their horns, and some people scratch their head when they see me,” said Tom Linegar of Harbour Grace in eastern Newfoundland. “But I guess you don't often see someone on a bicycle with a rifle slung over their shoulder.

“It's quiet, so you get from point A to point B and you're not bothering anybody at all.”

Linegar said that when he kills a moose, he pedals back to his truck, then returns on foot to retrieve the animal.

Linegar hunted for moose in western Newfoundland, on the Northern Peninsula, this fall but even with his stealthy bike, he didn't get a moose this year.

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