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A bus shelter you could call home installed at UBC Okanagan

Thursday, April 8th, 2010 | 5:29 pm

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Kelowna Mayor Sharon Shepherd is interviewed as a Kelowna Transit Bus is reflected in the glass walls of the new $200,000 bus shelter.

By John McDonald

When you’re talking about a $200,000 bus shelter outside a university, the jokes are obvious.

“It’s bigger and warmer than my first student apartment and there’s more furniture.” More darkly. “How long until the first homeless student moves in here.”

Those were some of the unofficial comments made after the opening ceremonies, but what else can you say about a gorgeous, glass-walled structure, with solar-powered electric doors that’s heated on demand and sits on UBC Okanagan’s campus?

The graceful, arched building, trucked in and set up on a pre-built pad in just three days, will act as a linchpin for the U-Pass program and its bid to increase student use of transit to access the isolated UBCO campus.

It will also act as a hub for bus rapid transit and five major transit routes, including out to Lake Country.

Kelowna Lake Country MP Ron Cannan praised the shelter as a sign of a strong local transit system. “That’s one of the keys to a stable community,” Cannan said.

Ottawa contributed $800,000 toward the bus shelter and four other projects under the public transit infrastructure program, while Victoria put up $1.5 million.

The other projects are:

  • A telecommunications conduit along part of Highway 97 to aid in real time bus scheduling for the bus rapid transit system.
  • Bus stop improvements to 60 shelters throughout the Kelowna Rapid Transit service area, and the installation of 50 new shelters.
  • Installation of a traffic management system at Kelowna’s main fire hall for use by emergency vehicles and transit.
  • A telecommunications tower.

In compliment to these improvements, the City of Kelowna is spending some of $10 million of federal gas tax money to install seven RapidBus stations along Highway 97 from Parkinson Recreation Centre to McCurdy Road.

A bus shelter you could call home installed at UBC Okanagan2.655

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