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Buzzer called on Bluelines for the last time

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010 | 6:11 pm

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Bluelines has closed down, leaving 11 Coast Capri employees out of work. (Photo Google StreetView)

By Kathy Michaels

There won’t be any more laughs at Bluelines sport and comedy club.

Around 11 employees were informed today  that their jobs at the Coast Capri Hotel pub were over, effective immediately.

“”They were hit over the head with this with no warning whatsoever,” said Lynn Flandera, director of Local 40, the union representing employees.

It will be examining the situation closely in upcoming days, but Gavin Parry, the Coast Capri’s general manager, said the hotel followed the collective agreement. Ample notice and a “fair severance package,” was given, while  some will be moved to other positions in the hotel.

Ultimately, he said, the move may be unfortunate, but it was long overdue.

“Anyone who’s close to the operation knows that Bluelines has been losing money,” he said, noting profits dropped from 10 to 15 per cent during the recession, but problems ran deeper than that.

“Business at the old beer parlor style of pub — with low ceilings and next to no windows — was ground down to non-existent when smoking laws came in.”

While the Coast’s management won’t be crying tears over a business that hemorrhaged money, Parry said it’s unfortunate to see a landmark close.

Although he wasn’t sure how old the pub was, he believed  it was built at least 50 years ago and over the decades had gone through several incarnations, among them the once popular Angie’s. Above the pub was Tramps, which was well known through the ’70s and ’80s and closed in the ’90s.

While the space was empty for a long time, it recently morphed into a meeting area that hotel clients can rent, but memories of the old pub still come up.

“Anyone familiar to this area knew Tramps,” he said. “A number of people we speak to remember it and talk about how they even met their wives or ex-wives there.”

While he’s not sure what’s next for the site, Parry said plans could include expanding the beer store on the site, but nothing’s definite. Currently the goal is just helping to transition employees.

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2 Responses to “Buzzer called on Bluelines for the last time”

  1. Louis says:
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    Great ! This will end the noise and stupid behavior at closing time. Maybe they should re-open but more upscale in a lounge/ piano bar/ wine bar-tapas format. There are very few venues for the aging population in Kelowna. After all this space is connected to an hotel chain . Everybody is bragging as to how Kelowna is a world class city, well isn’t it about time we have some venues projecting our expectations?

  2. Jason Ranchoux says:
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    It may have been old and dark, but I enjoyed having a place to see comedians. There’s not many places left in Kelowna where you can get a good, cheap burger and beer and get to your evening meeting on time anymore.

    I hope they don’t turn it into some wannabe “upscale” (aka overpriced food, poor service)lounge/bar, there are too many of those already.

    Sad to see it go…

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