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Tree offers up liquid-bread to whet your appetite post-Lent

Thursday, March 25th, 2010 | 11:32 am

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Kelowna’s Tree Brewery is launching a brew that reminiscent of the beer made by monks during Lent.

The new seasonal release is available today on private liquor store shelves in BC and Alberta. Often referred to as ‘liquid bread’ because of its nutrient rich and hearty composition, the Captivator Doppelbock is reminiscent of a beer traditionally brewed by monks during Lent.

Doppelbock emerged in the late eighteenth century. During long periods of fasting, when no solid food was allowed to pass their lips, the monks made liquid from their grain for nutrients.

“It seems fitting to release our Doppelbock this week, as Lent comes to a close,” said Tree’s award-winning Brewmaster, Stefan Buhl. “Captivator has a clean, smooth finish that we think would have served the monks well.”

The Captivator Doppelbock offers a sweet aroma with hints of toffee, light caramel and hazelnut. Unpasteurized and free of preservatives, it has a characteristic dark reddish hue. As a limited edition seasonal brew, Captivator will be available starting this week in 650 ml bottles.

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