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City council trashes Treasure event; provides for bigger yard waste bins

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 | 4:38 pm

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By John McDonald

Kelowna city council has decided to supersize yard waste bins for residents who can’t get all their leaves and pine needles into the regular bins.

“It’s a fairly inexpensive way to to provide a big increase in capacity,” said Peter Rotheisler, manager of waste reduction for the Regional District Waste Reduction Office.

For a $6 annual fee, the City of Kelowna will replace your 240 litre yard waste bin with a 360 litre version, 50 per cent bigger.

Rotheisler said the specially equipped automated lift trucks that empty bins are designed to handle the larger bins as well.

“Lake Country customers already have the option of upgrading to the bigger bins,” he added.

City council also approved a staff recommendation that nixes the proposed Trash 2 Treasure day, replacing it with other programs.

“The liability for clean-up costs is a big issue,” Rotheisler said. “We know the event would get heavy participation and as local government, we’d be the ones responsible, because we’d be the ones encouraging them to put stuff out on the curb.”

Instead, council voted to spend $20,000 on three other recycling events.

“One would be a dedicated event for items that are reusable but not targeted by traditional reuse outlets,” explained Rotheisler. “Styroforam packaging peanuts, for example, or keys, odd things that people don’t think of when they think of reuse,”

Rotheisler said the waste reduction office would identify specific community organizations as possible markets.

From that would likely come some direct connection between groups that have an excess of a reusable item with a another group that needs it, he added.

As well, Rotheisler said the waste reduction office is planning to organize a community yard sale during Waste Reduction week in October. Participants would be encouraged to list their events with the waste reduction office, which would in turn distribute a printed and web-based list.


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