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Kelowna woman triumphs at Montreal Fashion Week

Thursday, March 11th, 2010 | 8:30 am

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By Kathy Michaels

Kelowna’s Nicole Obidowski has stitched her way to the top of a prestigious competition that played out on a runway during Montreal Fashion Week.

The Vancouver Community College fashion major won second prize in the  Telio Design Competition last week. By even taking part, her designs were already acknowledged among the 25 best from across Canada, but rising to the top three, came with a financial bonus, not to mention a chance of a lifetime.

“She called and you could still hear all the hubbub in the background,” said Nicole’s mom, Denise, of how she heard the news.

“Of course she is really super excited she won $2,500, which is really going to help her finish her school, because money is tight. But then she also won a pass to attend New York Fashion Week and she’ll be featured in Zinc magazine.”

Once among New York fashionistas, it’s likely Obidowski will get feedback on her designs and soak up some inspiration. Currently, she’s focused  on designing casual sportswear, though her work for the Telio competition showed she’s versatile.

“I completely never thought I would get chosen as semi-finalist, because of the theme this year.  Art-a-porter— Traditional artisan and couture techniques, so think embroidery, beading, needlework — was so outside of my normal style as I have been heading in a more minimal, sportswear-like direction lately,” Nicole said.

Taking top spot also took a lot of pinpricks, sweat and tears. She and her classmate Leah Mossof, who was also among the top 25, worked about 30 hours a week on their entries for two months. That was on top of 30 hours a week in class and 16 hours a week at part time jobs.

“Let’s just say I was a fashion zombie —but finishing it was a great experience and I learned so much from building these garments,” she said. “It was definitely worth it. Now that it is sent out I feel great about it again because all that’s left is the fun part.”

Winning the competition will go a long way in helping Nicole meet her goals, which in the short term include finishing her Diploma in Fashion Arts this fall — a task her mother believes was more or less her fate.

“When she was a teenager, she designed her own clothing, Of course they were very different, and all the other teenagers would be laughing at her,” she said. “But she would design really unique clothing,  so when she told me she was going into fashion design, I thought ‘yes, you’re really following your calling’.”

To see more of the competiton, Telio’s website has a number of photos and details about the event listed here.

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  1. robski says:
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    Congrats Nicole – its very cool you’re chasing your dream – and doing well at it too!

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