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Alleged drunk driver arrested while trying to get drunker

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010 | 12:06 pm

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RCMP media release

A 52 year old Kelowna resident, who was impaired by alcohol, decided to drive himself to the local liquor store to get more booze.

On March 8th at 9:30 p.m., a Kelowna RCMP Traffic member was parked on Roxby Rd. in Rutland. The officer observed a Blue GMC pickup pull into the parking lot of the liquor store and a male exited the vehicle and went into the store. The same male exited the store, a few minutes later, and got into the truck and drove away.

The officer followed the pickup and attempted to pull the vehicle over, to check the driver for a valid driver’s licence. After activating his emergency lights and siren, on his fully marked police cruiser, the officer found realized that the vehicle was not pulling over. The officer followed the vehicle, at a speed of 30 km/hr, for two blocks before deciding to pull up beside the truck in order to get the driver’s attention. The officer found the driver’s side window of the truck rolled down and, despite the flashing emergency lights and the din of the wailing sirens, the driver continued to ignore the officer. The officer had to pull in front of the truck and bring it to a stop by slowing down the cruiser.

While dealing with the driver, who was driving with a Suspended Driver’s Licence, the officer noted obvious signs of alcohol intoxication. The driver was detained for an impaired investigation and taken to the Kelowna Detachment to provide samples of breath. His breath samples were analyzed at almost three times the legal limit, and he now faces charges of Driving While Impaired, Driving Over .08, Drive while Prohibited,and Flight from Police. He was held to appear in court March 9th.

The Liquor Control Branch was advised of the fact that the driver had purchased liquor from a Liquor Store while he was intoxicated.

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