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Monday, February 22nd, 2010 | 6:00 am

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I Am The World?

Huey Lewis was upset he didn’t get the call to re-sing his part in We Are The World, so he took it upon himself to record his own version. This may be better than the remake…

Squirrels battle it out over seeds

“These seeds are mine.”

“No, mine.

“You’re gonna like my nuts. Go get them by the tree over there.”

“NO, I wan the seeds. It’s on, squirly.”

Tiger wasn’t the only Tiger apologizing Friday

While Tiger Woods droned on for 13 minutes with his apology, another Tiger called a press conference and did the apology thing right.

WTF toy of the decade

Can someone please explain the purpose behind this?

Best baby laugh ever?

Can babies be taught to laugh like adults? This may answer the question, and if so, come on parents – get with the program!

PS22 Chorus takes on Empire State of Mind

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face. If you ain’t smilin’ by the end of this I’m worried about you.

How to catch a predator on Chatroulette

Ever been on Chatroulette? If not, go to, and I’ll see you back in about 5 hours. Then, watch the video below to see how much fun a guy had using recorded video to catch a creeper online.

What a Wonderful Shadow Puppet World

Take the Louis Armstrong classic and turn it into a shadow puppet theatre and you have some serious magic. Again, if this doesn’t make you smile, I can’t help you.

Cat massaging cat

Need to relax? Stressed out because the weekend’s over and it’s Monday already? This is almost guaranteed to loosen you up, though not as loose as the lucky kitty on the receiving end of this deep fur-ssue massage.

Jack Bauer’s turn at pimpin’ a Japanese beverage

We’ve had a running theme here on Best of the Web of big American stars doing beverage ads in Japan. Travolta, Shwarzzeneger, now Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer. This definitely falls under the nice-work-if-you-can-get-it file, as Kiefer only has to play Jack Bauer for 15 seconds.

What is this figure skater thinking?

Quite possibly, “Look out – it’s Martin Brodeur’s stick trying to bat down the puck! Did the U.S. score again?”

What happens in Vegas…

Stays in Afghanistan? Yup, thanks to the technology of drone pilots. Very interesting read from the LA Times.

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