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Arrest made in summer hit and run death of war veteran

Monday, February 22nd, 2010 | 10:25 am

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Arthur Horton lived a transient existence and had trouble forming long-term relationships. (Photo contributed)

By Joe Fries

The seven-month police investigation into the death of Arthur Horton stretched all the way to the Lower Mainland and resulted in the arrest of the man alleged to have been driving the stolen car that killed the 78-year-old war veteran.

Kelowna RCMP announced this morning that Dwayne Munk, 33, was arrested here Friday without incident and charged with dangerous driving causing death and failure to stop at the scene of an accident, along with two other counts related to the stolen car.

Horton was struck early on July 18, 2009, on Sexsmith Road. He was found with his war medals in his pocket.

The car that hit the Korean War veteran was reported stolen that day in West Kelowna and recovered two days later in Rutland.

While three men were seen dumping the car, just Munk is facing charges now.

Kelowna RCMP spokesman Const. Steve Holmes said a corporal with Central Okanagan Traffic Services made the file a priority, and unit members “worked tirelessly with respect to finding and following the leads and getting the appeals out there.”

Surrey RCMP’s Traffic Services Unit and the Abbotsford Police Department were credited with an assist.

“They were instrumental in assisting with gathering evidence or information in this case,” Holmes explained.

He said Horton’s family was relieved to learn of the arrest and grateful for some measure of closure.

“It’s an ending,” Holmes said. “It’s not a happy ending, but it is an ending.”

Munk is no stranger to police or the courts. He has multiple convictions for theft under $5,000 and possession of stolen property, the two other charges attached to the current case. His previous offences occurred around the Souther Interior.

In October, he was sentenced to four months in jail for drug trafficking.

The Kelowna man is in custody and due to appear in provincial court here sometime today.

In honour of Horton’s overseas service, members of the Kelowna Legion held a memorial service for him.

His daughter told he was haunted by memories of his time overseas and although not homeless, was of no fixed address and suffered from dementia.

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4 Responses to “Arrest made in summer hit and run death of war veteran”

  1. Junior Adams says:
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    Fantastic news! 1 huge step forward for a struggling justice system, now let’s hope they don’t mishandle it from here on in.

  2. Holly says:
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    I’m so glad they’ve caught someone in this case. I was starting to worry it would never get solved.

  3. robski says:
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    Don’t get too excited, he’ll likely just get a relatively light slap on the wrist – just par-for-the-course with our justice system. A huge thanks to the RCMP, they do their job, but the judges will let us down. Its got to be very disheartening to be an RCMP officer, they work hard to bring criminals in, just to see them walk with little consequences. Clearly this guy shouldn’t have even been out of jail to begin with. I’d put money on the fact that had the justice system made sure this guy did 100% of the time he deserved from all of his previous crimes that he’d have still been in jail on that fateful night, and Mr Horton would be alive today.

  4. Rick says:
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    Lets hope these guys get the worst punishment available..this should always be referred to as vehicular homicide …hit and run sounds to sugar coated for something so severe

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