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Wednesday, February 17th, 2010 | 6:00 am

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Because cats don’t have treadmills

I saw this video last week and forgot to add it. Good to see cats getting some well-needed exercise here – and look so cute doing it.

Canadian Olympic hockey rap

Babcock, Yzerman, Iginla, Crosby, Brodeur and more welcome the other countries to Canada’s house of hockey terror, in a rap. There’s a few swear words here but they’re bleeped out. Brilliant stuff; a must-see for all hockey fans.

Can’t-miss interview with Roger Ebert

Esteemed film Critic Roger Ebert (who happens to be one of the first people I shared emails with back in the pre-Internet Compuserve days) sat down with Esquire magazine for an amazing interview about his health and many other subjects. The man hasn’t drank, eaten or spoken since 2006 but is still one of the most prolific bloggers/Twitterers/film critics on the Internet.

Porno for pandas

No, really. It exists. Panda porn. It’s basically mating sounds played to kick the lazy male panda’s libido into gear. This story is very interesting, and completely safe for work and school.

Unemployed man builds entertainment igloo

This dude from Aquilla, Ohio actually built an igloo outside his home to have so that passing the time with his buds could be even cooler. And, the beer always stays cold.

How to fall for a girl on Facebook

Watch as this artist takes you through a witty tale of boy meets girl on Facebook, while illustrating his story in realtime. It’s almost as if Sheldon from Big Bang Theory is doing the talking. This is awesome stuff, but I can’t embed directly due to language.

John Travolta pimps Japanese beverage in Japan

Back in the 80s John Travolta did a commercial for a Japanese beverage called Tokyo Drink. What came first: this commercial or Olivia Newtown John’s Physical?

Duck teaches boy to walk

Here’s an inspiring video of a boy doctors feared would never walk again, who took his first steps after watching his pet duck bust a move.

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