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Alleged sex assault may have lasted 4 hours

Friday, February 5th, 2010 | 12:13 pm

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A car in front of Alfons Schoenherr's house was vandalized in the days following his arrest. (Photo Joe Fries)

By Joe Fries

The victim of an alleged sexual assault told police she thought she may have been set up by a friend, has learned.

Charged in relation to the offence is Alfons Schoenherr, 60. He was arrested at his home on the evening of Jan. 25, 2010 after Kelowna RCMP executed a search warrant there. He’s charged with sexual assault, unlawful confinement and robbery.

Details of the alleged offence are laid out in the application RCMP Const. Mike Hamilton made to a judicial justice of the peace earlier that day to obtain the search warrant for 1457 Alta Vista Drive. Hamilton said he went to Kelowna General Hospital that morning after a nurse called police to say a patient reported that she had been sexually assaulted.

The female patient, whose identity is protected by a publication ban, is a resident at a local transition house. In a statement made at the hospital, she told Hamilton that she accompanied another house resident on a trip downtown late on the afternoon of Jan. 24 to buy crack cocaine.

According to the complainant, once downtown, the two bought and used crack cocaine, then organized another deal with two men in an older-model sedan. At that point, the other woman “bolted,” while one of the men allegedly “guided” the victim into the car. She told Hamilton she was then driven to a house somewhere east of Bernard Avenue near Gordon Drive.

Once inside, she went into the suspect’s room, at which point she said he became “physically rough.” The room, she noted, contained a bed with blood on it – but no sheets – and piles of garbage.

He then allegedly forced oral sex and vaginal intercourse on her for what she thought may have been a period of four hours. She told the cop she was forced to strip and compelled to inject herself with morphine. She also said she was not allowed to leave and at some point was threatened with death.

Later, the suspect allegedly told her, “You can go now,” and she left the residence on foot. She returned to the transition house the next morning, and a staff member then took her to the hospital.

The victim was later able to direct another police officer to the house at 1457 Alta Vista Drive, where she said the attack happened, and she also picked the suspect out of a photo lineup, according to the warrant application.

It was done up as a search warrant because police were told they could find the victim’s driver’s licence, as well as the syringes she said she used to inject herself, at the home. She said the suspect took her driver’s licence and money from her. Those needles and ID were seen as key pieces of evidence.

While the victim told police she thought she may have been set up by the woman with whom she went downtown on the afternoon in question, that woman seemed to deny it. In her statement to police, she said they each bought crack cocaine and then went behind a church to smoke it. The woman said when she finished smoking, she looked up and the victim was gone.

Schoenherr’s next court appearance is set for Feb. 11.

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3 Responses to “Alleged sex assault may have lasted 4 hours”

  1. Gene says:
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    Look- we live on this street, this is not news- this is standard fare- These women come out yelling and swearing all the time- Clearly a horrific and ugly situation. I’m not surprised by the allegations- Only that it took so long to surface- This guy is creepy, unscrupulous and nasty. I really hope he spends many moons in the crowbar motel.

  2. Fred says:
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    I wonder how long this has been happening under the radar.
    It leads to a lot of questions. Are all the victims legal
    adults or is there minors involved and so on. Here is a
    case where the police did a good job in getting the evidence they need. I hope the truth comes out and justice
    takes its course

  3. jack says:
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    The city had slapped a notice to tow the car on the picture for this article, well the boy must have thought himself quite clever when he took the tires of dad’s car. No problem for the city they just brought in a flat bed and hoisted the pice of crap car up and out.

    Please continue discussion on the forum: link

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