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Westside Minor Hockey plagued by infighting, allegations

Monday, February 1st, 2010 | 8:15 am

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By Marshall Jones

Yet another Central Okanagan minor hockey association is mired in controversy and infighting while its president is under investigation by his own executive.

Ryan Kineshanko, second vice-president of Westside Minor Hockey, confirmed for that he is investigating an allegation of sexual harassment against president Scott Tipton.

But it’s just the latest in a long string of complaints plaguing the organization, and the second this year of a sexual nature.

While the allegations remain unproven, they also seem closely tied to animosity within the organization. One parent, who requested anonymity, said battles between the executive and some parents is being felt by everyone in the organization.

“This is the worst year I have seen in minor hockey. It just seems to be disorganized and there seems to be a lot of infighting,” he says. “And the worst part is lots of kids are quitting; some of them are going to (Pursuit Academy of Hockey Excellence) and paying more money. And we are still going to see some more kids quit. They don’t like the bickering and they know what is going on.”

Or at least they see the results, because no one seems to know what is really going on. All that is known so far is the fallout from the infighting, including:

  • One coach forced to quit after it was revealed he was charged two years prior with operating a marijuana grow operation
  • One coach forced to quit after allegations of inappropriate conduct in the dressing room
  • The president investigated after a complaint of sexual harassment

There have also been several allegations made, though without any official investigation, into a Dec. 5 tournament in Salmon Arm involving two teams from West Kelowna that ended with

  • player suspensions
  • a coach being removed from a hotel room by police
  • a hotel manager being assaulted
  • underage drinking and a ruined hotel room tried contacting several members of the executive only to have president Scott Tipton return calls and refuse to answer any questions.
“I have no comments on any of the comments,” he said.
Calls to several other executive members were not returned over a three-week period and Tipton said all comments—or non-comments—would be made by himself. has spoken to several witnesses in both circumstances, many of whom asked to remain nameless for fear of legal retribution from the executive.
More on that later.
After several complaints at the Holiday Inn in Salmon Arm, assistant hotel manager Mark Lein tried to ask a coach and some parents to leave the hotel, and was pushed up against a wall by a coach. The RCMP were called, though police wouldn’t comment on the situation. No charges were laid.
For his part, Lein confirmed there was an altercation but refused to say much more.
“We have worked it out with (Westside Minor Hockey),” he said.
It was at this event as well, that the main complaint against Tipton was formed. A hockey mom complained in writing that Tipton made a sexual suggestion to her, though Tipton has since denied this.

“Westside Minor Hockey Association has some fairly significant internal problems…” Continued on Page 2

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37 Responses to “Westside Minor Hockey plagued by infighting, allegations”

  1. ozzies says:
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  2. Jimmy says:
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    Boys will be boys at any age it sound slike. Can’t tell whose responsible here, but I wouldnt want my kids in the middle of all that.

  3. Jimmy 2 says:
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    Wow! must have been a slow news day for you Marshall.Unfortunately every association across this country has to spend a disproportionate amount of resources dealing with unrealistic selfish parents who cannot grasp the concept of team as it is hard to focus through rose coloured glasses.Those who propagate negativity including the media for printing it need to seek counseling.Most associations including ours have the vast majority of members with the best of intentions, that is the KIDS.

  4. Donna says:
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    This article is very poorly researched with many errors in content. I hope someone mentioned in this letter decides to action against this web site. There is some very serious accusations about many people which are not researched or verified. There is no infighting in WMHA except for the two crazy families which you interviewed for this article.

  5. wizard says:
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    Honestly, this article doesn’t touch accurately enough on the actual root of the problem within the WMHA.

    The reality is that basically one parent is at the base of all the disturbances within the association. This single parent (who is driven by anger over their child’s failure to make a team) has consciously worked to destroy the reputations of many volunteers when things did not go as desired. This parent has spent untold hours attempting to sway parents to go against the Association and has actively looked for anything they can use to destroy the team their child failed to make. Some parents have been lured into accepting the sway of this parent for a short period but then have backed away upon seeing the havoc that is wreaked and upon realizing that the rumours are just becoming too far fetched.

    This parent has actively gone searching for anything they can build a rumour upon and then has gone to the point of embellishing this rumour beyond all belief. Some of the rumours I have heard are so ludicrous that I am unable to believe that anyone has listened to them. Yet this parent continues to spread them to this day.

    All this because the child failed to make the team. The evaluation process by the way was not done solely by the coaching staff. The coaching selection committee assessed all the players independently. One coach alone did not choose the players.

    What the article does not touch on, is this parents’ own actions, which are truthfully an embarrassment to the team their child plays on. Honestly, I cannot say that if my child failed to make a team that I would actively attend every game and practice to assess the other kids. It seems there are no lengths that this parent will not go to, all in the name of anger over the failure of their child to make a team.

    As in any sport, there can be difficulties in minor hockey however it often stems from a single source which can be a poison within the association. I guess an honest question that the reporter should be asking is to what degree a volunteer coach should have to endure both a parent and child who are difficult at best. Remember…we are talking volunteers.

    Consider that it is not simply skills and ability that determine when a player makes a team. Attitude towards coaches, dedication in practices and positive interaction with fellow team members play a big role.

    I have to agree with the poster above. The only infighting within the association is that instigated by this parent and the other person brought on board by this parent.

    Are there children leaving to play in other areas like Pursuit of Excellent. Every year I have witnessed some kids go to elite schools in the hopes of furthering their hockey skills. I have also seen many of those same kids return to the association they left. I have not seen a mass exodus nor do I believe it is likely I will see one over these actions. I have been fortunate enough to witness countless actions on the part of volunteers which are commendable this year as well as countless hours spent on trying to resolve the situation of this parent. In the end, it comes down to the fact that there is nothing that will bring this parent satisfaction.

    Sometimes, as in the case of the coach who left the team, it is better simply to walk away and hope that the madness will end.

    It was an article that did not deserve the space given to it. It did not display the true facts on what was occurring in any of the situations listed.

  6. Donna says:
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    This article will make it near impossible to get future voluteers for our association. The part that is puzzling, people have read this article and believe that all the facts must have been verified or it would not be posted to this site. There is little or no accurate information found in this article no matter how hard I look.
    I think that WMHA has taken the high road on saying “no comment” to your reporter due to not engaging in a mud slinging battle. These families who were interviewed for this article should be investigated for their prior history in other minor hockey associations. It is rumoured that they have been asked to leave previous associations for very similar reasons. The releasing of a player who is not well suited for a particular team should not be grounds for a crucifixion of an association.

  7. gabynut says:
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    It is a true fact that both of these women inverviewed in this article have been asked to leave previous hockey associations. One of them was in three different associations in a short time frame.

  8. shawna omalley says:
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    bottom line at the end of the day there should never be legal counsel brought into minor hockey

  9. hockeymama says:
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    Shawna, the only reason legal counsel has had to be brought in is because of the lies and false accusations you mave made towards valuable members of our Association and our community.


  10. Donna says:
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    I feel that Shawna O”Malley should just leave this association without being forced out. There is already a petition in circulation to have the Drover/O’Malley family removed from WMHA. This is a pathetic case of childish behavior.

  11. Marie says:
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    WOW!!!! As someone who has grown up in the hockey rink through the years because my brother played & went on to professional in Europe, and had parents heavily involved in Minor Hockey, I can not get over the inability of ADULTS to realise hockey is just a GAME. Politics HAS ALWAYS been an issue in any association, but it seems as the years have gone on it is getting worse & worse.

    This GAME is suppose to teach children about fun, friendship, sportsmanship, teamwork, and skills to keep children active. A GAME that in reality will only see less than 0.5% of the children make it to the NHL or other professional leagues. When will parents learn to STOP trying to live their dreams through their children and allow children to just play the GAME that Canada loves the most.

    ALL PARENTS involved in any sport need to take a step back and realise that their actions will effect their child, and you are only teaching your child to one day act the same. The volunteers that are involved in the Associations are SUPPOSE to be their to make the GAME a better game & to help all the children involved grow both as a player & a person. If you as a parent, or a volunteer can not meet this challenge then you SHOULD NOT be involved in the GAME.

    I think it is time for ALL the parents & volunteers to look at theirselves and evaluate their role in this GAME for the benefit of the GAME & the children.

    Further, if the volunteers involved in these associations are acting inaapporiately or against policies they need to be approriately investigated or disciplined. The allegations can not be ignored & swept under the carpet. This is for the childrens safety and well being.

  12. Marie says:
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    I also believe that if a parent is acting inapporpriately & making accusations that are false, they too should be disciplined appropriately. The parent needs to realise they are not helping their child by making accusations that are possibly false & slanderous. Your child will grow to dislike you due to your actions & maybe it is because of your attitude that your child grows up with the same attitude that is not allowing him/her on the team.

  13. hockeymama says:
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    I was asked to sign that petition and at first thought it was a bit overkill as well. However, I have since found out that OMAHA has asked WMHA to ensure that they have member support IN WRITING before they make any decisions. It is unfortunate that our board has to go to these lengths to remove these psychos. They have spent their entire season dealing with these parents and their outrageous complaints instead of spending their time on issues that matter.

    I signed the petition. I am not only signing my name to revolt against these parents and their abhorrent behavior, but as support for my Association and it’s dedicated volunteers. If it were my husband who was being falsely accused, his reputation being ruined, his job being affected and my kids being harrassed/teased at school, I would hope someone would sign their name for him.

  14. wizard says:
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    Excellent point hockeymama.

    The reality is that we are losing excellent volunteers because of a few psycho parents. These parents are spreading such outrageous rumours that I feel the board has done the correct thing in putting in place a cease and desist order. They were left with no options. We are also reaching the point where new volunteers will not step forward for fear of one day being having their reputations falsely tarnished as well.

    The parents spreading these rumours need to stand back and look at what utter fools they are. If they have hopes that one day their children will reach the Juniors or higher, they are sadly deluded. Coaches at higher levels look first at the player and then closely at the parent. There are too many excellent players out there for them to ever consider a player that comes saddled with a nutty parent.

    Sadly, I suspect that one of the parents involved in these outrageous actions has reached the point of simple vengence against anyone and anything that stands in her way. This isn’t about her child not making a team now, it’s about getting back at the people she feels stood in her way.

  15. Be Happy says:
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    On a Positive Note, here is some info on WMHA teams including up coming playoff schedules.

    SUPER LEAGUE Champions – Midget House #1

    OMAHA League Champions – Pee Wee Tier 2

    OMAHA League Champions & 1st Round Playoff Victory – Bantam Tier 2:

    The Westside Bantam Tier 2 Warriors were crowned league champions after compiling an impressive 12 -1 -3 record. They played Salmon Arm in the 1st round of the playoffs the weekend of January 30th – 31st. In game one of the series, hot goaltending by Salmon Arm kept the game close. Westside eventually started to capitalize on their many opportunities and built up a 4 – 1 lead on goals by Luke Harrison (2 goals), Ronald De Guevara, and Trevor Mlait. Assisting on the goals were Brett Mennear, Trevor Mlait, Eitenne Prevost, Alex Fraser and Kohl Bell. Salmon Arm scored 2 late goals to make it interesting but Westside goaltender Kyle Marlow played well in recording the 4 – 3 win. In game 2 superb goaltending by Salmon Arm continued to thwart the Westside offence; in the second period alone Westside outshot Salmon Arm 21 – 6. The Westside team eventually began to capitalize on their chances and they won 4 – 1 clinching the series in 2 games. Goal scores for Westside were Luke Harrison (2 goals), Kohl Bell and Brett Mennear. Helpers came from Michael McEachern, Kohl Bell, Brett Mennear, Alex Fraser and Luke Harrison. Shelby Tse had a solid game in net. Westside now awaits the winner of the Kelowna / Kamloops series.

    Thursday February 4th – Pee Wee Tier 2 vs. Salmon Arm – 8:00 pm RLP (game 3 of best of 3 series)

    Saturday February 6th – Atom House #1 vs. Merritt – 9:45 am RLP

    Saturday February 6th – Pee Wee House #1 vs. South Ok – 4:00 pm JL

    Saturday February 6th – Bantam House #2 vs. Summerland – 5:45 pm RLP

    Saturday February 6th – Atom House #4 vs. Atom House #3 – 6:00 pm JL

    Saturday February 6th – Midget House #3 vs. Penticton #2 – 8:00 pm RLP

    Sunday February 7th – Bantam House #3 vs. Merritt Red – 9:15 am JL

    Sunday February 7th – Bantam House #1 vs. South Ok – 10:00 am RLP

    Sunday February 7th – Midget House #1 vs. Penticton #1 – 11:15 am JL

    Sunday February 7th – Midget Tier 2 vs. Winfield – 12:00 pm RLP (if necessary, game 3 of 3 game series)

    Sunday February 7th – Bantam House #4 vs. Merritt White – 4:30 pm RLP

    Tuesday February 9th – Pee Wee House #2 vs. Penticton #1 – 6:45 pm RLP

  16. Be Happy says:
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    The WMHA Executive should seek Legal Counsel to find out if they need to accept the renewal registration of people that have ‘breached’ or ‘broken’ the Parent/Player CONTRACT that they have signed the previous hockey season. Preventing such people from inflicting serious damage upon unsuspecting members of the Association, given their past history, is the best way to protect ALL the members, volunteers, coaches, players and families from destroying their children’s hockey experience.

    Focus on the Postive WMHA – there are 13 Teams with home ice advantage in the playoffs! CONGRATULATIONS! GO WESTSIDE GO! Thank you to all the volunteers that work tirelessly for the players and the association. THANK YOU!

  17. HockeyParent says:
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    What a saga! As a parent on the team who has observed the mother in question over this last season, I am not surprised, as the season draws to a close it has come to this. An unjustified and very serious accusation on a volunteer coach, a son (player) who has no manners, shows little respect to other players on the team or the coaches; and on one occasion displayed similar behaviour to his own Father in the changing room! To add to the complexity, there’s the mother who only sees her son as “the blue-eyed boy” who can do nothing wrong.

    I have nothing but heartfelt sympathy for the coach involved and also the other volunteer coaches on the team. The coaches spend valuable time with all the players offering top instruction and making the game fun. Some kids do need extra “management” and support should also come from the parents when coaches have to make certain choices when dealing with incidents. However, one bad apple as they say can upset the cart and cause much disruption for everyone – coaches, other team players and also the parents who observe the ongoing behaviour. Notice I said other team players here, as this one bad apple never was a team player, which is no doubt one of the reasons he was never accepted into Tier hockey in the first place.

    My sympathy also goes out to the player of the mother in question – he’s just a kid himself, a skillful player to watch; but unfortunately has no positive guidance or reinforcement from the parent. What chance in life does this kid have with the lack of appropriate control and direction?

    To the mother: you have made a very serious and wrongful accusation, shame on you. Not only is your behaviour a disgrace, you have let down the other team players, coaches and also the parents! You may have also affected your son’s chances for any hockey coach wanting to take on the challenge in the future.

    To the coach: I wouldn’t blame you if you hired a legal representative to sue the mother for defamation of character – she should not, and cannot get away with this type of discriminatory behaviour. Good luck!!!

  18. John says:
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    I strongly feel that not all the blame should be thrown at the particular family or person that had filed this complaint. No matter whom the sexual comment was directed to, it was still said and was admitted to by the president as saying it. Whether it was said to this person or not it was not appropriate to speak that way. My wife would have taken offense to the comment if even not directed at her. The rumblings going on in the executive have alot to do with the whole weekend in Salmon Arm. The actions of a Head Coach, President, Family trashing a room, and players drinking have ended up in this mess. Not everyone is aware of how some of those issues were handled and I only know due to my sons talking and there friends being on one of those teams. I believe there is positive people serving on our executive,and we thank them for there time. I do think that there is a power thing going on, and that in return makes it look like alot of issues are being swept under the matt, or so to speak.

    I dont know the lady whom filed this complaint, but i do think that if a comment was made that anyone could have thought it was directed at them. We do need to get past this, and hopefully all parties involved can learn from this.
    Dealing with all of this negative stuff, leaves no room for changes or time to enjoy our kids playing.

  19. Vegan says:
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    This website should have more class and accountability for publishing such an article with no concrete source to verify any of what it printed other than a distraught parent who hates us all because of what she has created in her son’s character which in turn leads to his failure to interact properly with his peers and adults who try to mould him into a teammate for his and others benefit. So sad for him. It’s nice to hear from the positive parents who appreciate volunteers and are themselves volunteers and lead by a responsible respectful attitude for the love of the game. We all will get past this and continue for the good of the rest who are why we volunteer.

  20. james says:
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    Look. The reason the association is in choas is due to one persn: THE PRESIDENT. There is also a groundswell of people who are begging to get rid of him and his “President’s Card” as he likes to say he will pull. Plain & simple: Powerfreak with no skills.
    1. President partying in the room that was destroyed in Salmon Arm.
    2. Over-ruled the discipline committee because Coach is his friend.
    4. The “Married” President used vulgar language & offended female victim
    5. President calls people at home to say “don’t make a fuss or there will be consequences. I know the people he called!
    6. Uses assocation funds to pay for his legal representation

    Tipton: do everyone a favor and resign so the SILENT MAJORITY can make the organization better

  21. Peter Siemers says:
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    Dear Editor

    I think most of your sources seems to be 2nd and 3rd party information. I am a volunteer coach with Westside minor hockey and think your article is very poorly written and lacks the balance of a proper story.

    Your editorial does very little to strike a balance on the true picture within our organization. Westside minor hockey is a great organization that provides teamwork, comaraderie with personal and skills development for hundreds of great kids.

    You failed to report on the majority of positive things that have happneded this year, such as the Atom house league raising $9300 dollars for building houses in Haiti.

    This initiative, led by another Atom house league coach, let our kids understand the value of spotsmanship and charity for fellow human beings. It was also such a moving event that a fellow Pee Wee house team heard about it and a caring mother from the team organized that team to donate $234 dollars towards the funraising through they’re own campaign.

    Every organization has it’s incidents and pitfalls it’s the normal process of human nature that we have weak moments. But to report such a bleak picture about our organization that is bound together for the good of the young people and caring volunteers, I question your motives.

    I look at the great leadership and hard work put in by the majority of the people at Westside Minor Hockey and I find it hard to take your story as being newsworthy.

    I also look at the growth that this organization has given my own son. I am proud to be a part of this organization and feel that we will overcome for the good of the community and the young people we serve and develope.


    Peter Siemers

  22. renee says:
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    James. Finally! Someone said it for the rest of us! I am a parent that was on that Salmon Arm trip. Unbelievable. Kids drinking, parents blitzed, including the President. President in the destroyed room. President using vulgar language. President sweeping that under the rug because he was in the room because the coach is his buddy. I know other parents in lower division that are ready to quit because of Presidents meddling, so that would be 2 teams that want him off their team. 100% that President has called people at home bullying them to keep quiet, I know them also. And if I hear, “don’t worry, I’ll just pull out the “Presidents Card” again I will barf. Where did this guy come from. To the association: “It’s the PRESIDENT STUPID.”

  23. Shebop says:
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    John, the person who complained about the comment KNEW darn well it was not directed at her. She already had a “hate on” for Mr Tipton and various coaches and was looking for any possible little thing she could to create a problem where there wasn’t any. The comment was both harmless and humorous and was taken as such by everyone else in the room. As far as the rest of what happened in Salmon Arm, there was definitely some bad errors in judgement that night and those who made them are extremely regretful. Amends have been made and lessons have been learned. The regretful actions of a couple people who made bad decisions while consuming alcohol at a tournament do not even come close to the sickening actions that these 2 families have conciously made on an ongoing basis. Stop trying to deflect the “mess” away from those who have really created it.

  24. Bev says:
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    I have a child on one hockey team, and I have heard many people talking about there dislike of our President. And I can see why NO one would dare want to come forward with any concerns or opinions as look at what happens when you do.
    I am sure as there are many supporters, there is also many many that are not happy and just save face, as they know this President is one whom will get even rather than address the complaints.

    There is two sides to every coin. And these two women most definatly are not making themselves look good. I read alot of comments above calling them slanders and such. But really is that not exactly what most of the comments above are also doing. Two wrongs dont make a right. In response to shebop, while a comment may not be offensive to you or others, it does not mean that everyone is comfortable with it.

    My child loves the game of hockey, and I want to keep it that way. I have no problems with the executive, and our family had not had any meetings or doings with the current president. I just really think that all the comments should stop on this website, anyone of our kids could be reading this stuff. In closing for any of the people that I have heard voiceing there dislikes for the president, I think its time to move on. And for the president, i hope he realizes that it is more than two ladys that have concerns, and that maybe the executive should work on there approachablity. We are all humans and make mistakes, but our kids are the ones that in the end suffer from these actions of everyone.

  25. Marshall Jones says:
    GD Star Rating

    May I add a few comments to my own story?

    It has been suggested that it is short on facts and official sources. Guilty.
    But the facts I presented here are facts nonetheless, gathered without any input or cooperation from the executive. I had eye witness accounts from Salmon Arm, inside information about the coaches and confirmation about the “investigation” into the president and a worried president of OMAHA.

    The story I have presented has been challenged, but I have not seen anyone dispute the facts I presented. If there is something incorrect, I am waiting to hear them. If there are details missing, you add to the collective understanding of the problems here in this discussion.

    Why anonymous sources? The executive had clearly shown its penchant for legal chill so I made a difficult decision to grant anonymity. I also made this decision in part because there are innocent kids involved with their names on their sweaters, easily identified by the names of their parents. They are the reason this is a story—it needs to be fixed for their sake. Their names have no part in this discussion and you will find most references to identified children edited from the comments here.

    Please respect this need in future comments. You still represent your organization.

    I spoke to considerably more parents than one or two, including several who were uninvolved and people I know and trust. What I learned was that whatever is going on was more complicated than simple complaints about the executive, which is the story I was initially told. Normally I would drop a ‘he said, she said’ story as fast as possible.
    But the organization had already lost two volunteers to a mob, sources told me about their concerns about the organization and whatever is happening at Westside Minor Hockey was enough to seriously concern the president of OMAHA.
    I continue to have troubles following this story. My initial sources aren’t happy I didn’t present it as they intended and have stopped communicating. But I am assured I will have some follow up information shortly, including a report from the executive that absolves the president of the allegation that he made an inappropriate sexual comment to a parent.

    The risk of writing a story like this is that it may aggravate things. From my opinion, the damage was already done. I am not innocent to the negative consequences that publicity may bring, but I believe open communication has a way of solving problems the way nothing else can. I heard the same hope from several parents before and after publication.

    I hope the discussion here continues in that vein.

    Finally, if this story was a surprise to you, it’s because you were not involved and that’s probably a good thing. But it’s time you were. As has been pointed out by several readers (and I thank them for addressing that omission from the story) Westside Minor Hockey has a long history as a great organization with many positives going on. It needs support from good volunteers to push past this.

    Marshall Jones

  26. Be Happy says:
    GD Star Rating

    Marshall, I agree with your comment 100%,

    ” Westside Minor Hockey has a long history as a great organization with many positives going on. It needs support from good volunteers to push past this.”

    The WMHA Executive is elected to follow policies and procedures and from what I have seen they have done just that. The two women that have filed complaints and spread false rumours have had their complaints investigated and decisions were handed down. If they don’t like the decisions it is too bad because the policies and procedures are in place equally for everyone. FYI, this woman who claimed sexual harrassment by the president has just recently claimed physical abuse by a coach. This woman appears to have no self control with her allegations and everyone on this forum is spending too much time giving these women any credence.

  27. Tim says:
    GD Star Rating

    Westside Minor Hockey has alot of positive points, but its biggest problem is the President and the way he thinks his buddys on the executive will allow him to do and get away with what ever he wants. That is not how a board is run. I know of previous members that either quit or were asked to step down all because of Mr. Tipton. This is not rumour this is a fact as my wife works in the same field as one of these people.

    I also know that the two ladies that have brought numerous complaints are also trouble makers. The ladies need to keep there mouths shut, and the president needs to step down and this association needs to then focus on the future of WMHA

  28. Shebop says:
    GD Star Rating

    Tim, I cannot figure out what the President would want to use his position for, or what his “buddies” would allow him to get. His kids do not play rep hockey, so getting his kids on a team isn’t his motivation. He doesn’t get paid or receive any fringe benefits of any kind, yet spends hundreds of hours both coaching AND serving on the board. His position offers him absolutley nothing except the chance to try and make the Association better. Is he perfect, of course not. He is just a good guy who really wanted to try and do some good. He had some diffcult situations to deal with and I think he did his best to do the right thing for all involved.
    I also do not know what people are talking about when they say he is trying to “sweep things under the rug”. When an incident occurs or a complaint is filed it is investigated by a committee of board members and no one else is involved. Those board members are also supposed to keep these matters ONLY between those directly involved. They are NOT supposed to discuss with anyone else. There are privacy issues and when volunteers or players are disciplined, the details are not shared with with the membership.
    When you rely on parents to volunteer to run an association of over 500 members, you cannot expect perfection. I don’t recall a long line of experienced people lining up for the position when it came up. Give the guy a break, he’s had to deal with more crap in one year than most do in ten.

  29. Tim says:
    GD Star Rating

    In response to Shebop

    #1 Well lets see, if you have personal friendships outside of the executive. Then that could serve as a confict of interest in many issues. Would that be an incorrect statement?

    #2 Does or did he have the right intentions? Maybe he did, and maybe he still does?? We are talking about situations that have happened and whether they were handled right and in everyones best interest.

    #3 It seems as if you are now trying to put blame onto others for actions of the President. I am sure not all complaints and there outcome are shared between people. The Salmon Arm Weekend was public knowledge and our own children were talking about it at school. Are you going to blame them for sharing information?? Shebop you can try and pin blame on other board memebers or kids or whomever you like. But the TRUTH is, the people who were involved in that Salmon Arm weekend are the only people who are accountable.

    #4 An opinion is only that and like yourself shebop that is what I am giving. I am saying it from my point of view.

  30. Scott Morrison says:
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    Excellent, excellent reporting.
    Nobody in their right mind would coach kids’ sports today.

  31. Shebop says:
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    Tim, obviously since the President and it’s board members are parents of players, they are all going to have friendships outside the executive and yes, that is why it can be very “delicate” and difficult to handle some of the issues. I am not involved in the executive or its decisions, but I do know almost everyone that serves on the board and I can tell you that they are all good people and good parents with the best of intentions.

    I totally agree with you that those who were involved in the Salmon Arm incident should be accountable. Being accountable to me means making sure the hotel was compensated and apologizing to the hotel staff and anyone else who was inconvenienced. It sounds like this was an isolated incident and those involved do not have a history of these kinds of problems. If someone who has an exemplary record for many years does something stupid one night while drinking, it does not call for a public lynching. I’m sure that the humiliation and regret was there for many weeks after. As opposed to the two women who do not seem to have any guilt or regret for the disgusting, hurtful and unlawful lies they have started and spread. One of which was AT the Salmon Arm hotel that night and was so drunk she could hardly speak!

  32. Chuck says:
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    Why on earth would anyone want this man at the helm of a children’s association. HIS actions, not the actions of two women, are the actions that which brought this on.

    Asking any woman, to “show me you ….” is disgusting, sexist, vulgar and unforgivable. Has anyone thought of what ALL the women in that room felt like that night? Perhaps victimized, bullied, embarassed and even angry? Why is it ever ok to speak like that, especially in a room full of other hockey parents who see these women at hockey/work/the store or socialize with or partake in any number of activities with. The man then acts, and if you ask me has the audacity to be, SUPRISED when a woman speaks up and says, “that is sexual misconduct, period”. Don’t care who you said it to, it is wrong!

    Damaging a hotel room to the extreme it was done, yes I know people who were there and saw it, is ridiculous behavior of any adult. The fact that the president of a children’s association was there and then covered it up is beyond acceptable. Why is this even up for debate?

    And to the previous poster who asked about why would he want the job. Two words; Power and Control. Just ask his presient’s card.

  33. Shebop says:
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    Chuck, I am hoping that you and Tim are first in line at the next AGM to run for President as you seem to think our current president is not good enough. It bothers me though how you seem to be basing your opinions on hearsay and 3rd party information.
    You obviously were not anywhere near the situation in Salmon Arm as you have zero correct information. Hearing the story from your son who heard it from kids at school is probably the most inaccurate source possible. Your posting on this site is as bad as the bull that Shawna and Donna have been spreading all year.
    Like I said before, our executive may not be the most experienced, but they are all good decent people trying to do the best job they can. Our President is not a powerfreak, far from it. He does not deserve to be trashed publicly and shame on you for doing so. If you feel so strongly about removing him, then show up at the next AGM with your nominations and take some action. THAT is how an association is run, not by trying to ruin someone’s reputation with false information.

  34. Marshall Jones says:
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    I would also like to point out that Mr. Tipton does not have the luxury of hiding his name—it’s listed as president on the WMHA website.
    Though comments on this site are anonymous and we want to encourage open discussion, perhaps posters here should observe some level of fairness.
    There’s nothing productive or courageous about blasting a man publicly while hiding behind a veil of secrecy.
    If you have something to contribute, please do. But if posters truly have the best interests of the association in mind, that won’t be achieved anonymously.
    Stand up and be counted.

    Marshall Jones

  35. Scott Tipton says:
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    Good morning members of WMHA
    I feel this blog has become nothing more than a battle of words with little foundation of truth. I thank the people who have written well thought out, intelligent comments about our association. People will say whatever they want about the third hand stories from this year’s series of events. This is more like the “National Inquirer” than real news. Like some people have written to say there is only one way to create change in this situation, show up at the AGM in May and stand up to be counted. We always need new executive members each and every hockey season so I encourage all members to get involved. I am very proud of our executive group this year and we are united in our decisions to enforce policy and the constitution. In closing I just want to remind people that I am happily married with four fantastic kids who do not deserve any of this cruelty which is being displayed on this blog. Think twice before you write additional comments on this blog that are hurting the children who play the great sport of hockey.

    Scott Tipton
    Still President WMHA

  36. 2boyzmama says:
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    First I would like to say a big “thank you” to Marshall Jones for writing this article. Some have pointed out that it is “one-sided” or has “inaccurate” information but regardless of what people may say this article has shed a lot of light on what is going on in our WMHA.

    I do truly feel sorry for Scott Tipton and his family as it has been 9 days since this article was written and people are still commenting on it. The best case senario would be for Mr. Tipton to step down, whether he is guilty of the accusations or not. His reputation as President is now tarnished and nothing will fix that not even time. Look at it as a lesson learned, hockey tournaments and copius amounts of alcohol equals disaster. We are all guilty on some level of experiencing this, but we are not the PRESIDENT OF WMHA. People can go around and around in circles discussing this but the fact is Mr. Tipton put himself into a situation that got out of control and has no one to blame but himself for his character being under attack.

    The ugliness that the Omalley/Drover family brought to WMH is just plain sad. I feel for the poor kids that had to witness it first hand and for the coaches, other volunteers and for every parent on that team that had to explain to their son/daughter that that kind of behaviour is unacceptable ON or OFF the ice.

    We have been apart of WMHA for 3 years now and have seen our son improve 100% and we owe that to all the dedicated coaches and volunteers over the years.

    I would like people to remember HOCKEY – its just a game!

  37. Donna says:
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    The above comment from 2boyzmama is still an unfounded comment to suggest that the president was drunk on the night in question. I was in the room in Salmon arm that night and witnessed adults enjoying a drink. The president was stone sober and he was only present in the room for less than one hour due to having a sick wife and a young child to watch over. You bloggers need to get a life and move on.


    Please continue discussion on the forum: link

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