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Protesters push for rethink of West Kelowna name change

Monday, February 1st, 2010 | 4:41 pm

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Protester outside West Kelowna council. (Photo John McDonald)

Citizens for a Historic Westbank staged a protest outside West Kelowna council chambers this afternoon, demanding reconsideration of the decision that gave the new community its name.

After a short speech by organizers, the delegation, some 30 strong, marched into council chambers.

Organizer Loreta Learmonth says council has ignored their requests to make a presentation to council.

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5 Responses to “Protesters push for rethink of West Kelowna name change”

  1. boo westbank says:
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    This is hilarious! :) What a great photo!

  2. Fred says:
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    This dispute will last longer than the municipality itself.
    Lake Country is a community made up of several and I think
    Westbank could fit into the same scenario.
    As for the protesters they need to move on, the old sign
    is not coming back. I feel for them but the name Westbank
    will always be around.

  3. Al says:
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    I’m am sick of this lost generation group trying to make their point…..grow and get on with life. It is individuals like you that keep this community from the potential it deserves. GET OVER IT.

    Council should disregard any further notion that Westbank can or should be revived.

  4. sheila kennedy says:
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    This protest WAS NOT about changing the name of the district of West Kelowna to Westbank. It is about keeping the town of Westbank that is on maps, is known throughout the valley and the world and is the home town of thousands, WITHIN THE DISTRICT OF WEST KELOWNA! GET IT RIGHT!!!
    We have been plagued with misquotes, wrong information through media outlets. Our Mayor and Council refuses to meet with the residents of Westbank dispite thousands of requests to do so. What is going on??? We voted to change the name of our district NOT OUR TOWN!!!!

  5. Doug Mehus says:
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    Uh, Sheila? The “Town of Westbank” doesn’t exist and never will. You can’t have a “town” within a district municipality or city. A town is an incorporated entity with a population greater than a village but less than city or district municipality. Westbank can remain an unofficial neighbourhood name to refer to the area bounded by Hebert, Brown, Old Okanagan Hwy and Reece roads but nothing more than that. It could also be used to refer to a specific property or group of properties within a designated area or, if that was the will of certain property owners to form a Downtown Westbank Business Improvement Area, then a non-profit association to represent businesses and beautification efforts within a certain area.

    You and Loretta Learmonth really need to quit your belly-aching and referring to our municipality as “your town” and the “Town of Westbank”. It won’t ever be that, even if Council were to legally recognize a certain geographic area as the Westbank neighbourhood of the District of West Kelowna.


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