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Wine and Dine means fine dining on the cheap to help out restaurants

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010 | 6:00 pm

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By Kathy Michaels

Starting tomorrow, wining and dining in Kelowna’s finest restaurants will be a lot cheaper.

The annual Wine and Dine Okanagan event kicks off Jan. 13 and that means until the end of the month there are numerous options to get a three-course meal on the cheap.

The promotion offers a win-win situation for both restaurateurs and customers said Garett Ferguson, manager Wild Apple Grill.

“This tends to be a slower time of year in our industry so this brings people in, and from a consumer point of view, they’re getting good value for what they’re paying,” he said.

While January always brings a lull to the restaurant industry one might assume the recession offered a double-whammy, but that’s not really the case, said Ferguson.

“It’s been an interesting year for sure, definitiely people have been more conscious of what they are spending, but now it looks like looks like there’s a bit of pent up demand,” he said.  “People are looking to dine out a bit and spend some more money — we had a really good December.”

Brad Siebin, the General Manager at the Hotel Eldorado and Lounge said he’s see the same thing.

“We had a very good December,” he said. “We’re actually up from what we had budgeted for and up from December 2007.”

That said, the promotion does help make business a bit more brisk and it’s something they look forward to.

“January and February are our two weakest months, so it’s good to have something like this and it’s so well supported by the Okanagan,” he said.

“It draws people in that they get a chance to try the food and it will bring them back,” he said. “But, it really launches the season.”

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