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RCMP help kids in need this Christmas

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009 | 4:34 pm

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Inspector Cam Forgues and Reverend Micheal Karabelas stand among piles of toys at the Kelowna detachment. (Photo Gary Moore)

Inspector Cam Forgues and Reverend Micheal Karabelas kneel among piles of toys at the Kelowna detachment. (Photo Gary Moore)

By Gary Moore

The Kelowna RCMP members see more on their jobs in a short time than most will see in a lifetime but when you witness children in poverty during a grinding recession and on Christmas’s doorstep, they can’t help their emotions getting the best of them.

So, every year the staff at the Kelowna detachment open their hearts and wallets to buy toys for the less fortunate children called “Toys for Tots and give cash for “Adopt a Family” for families to put food on the table.

In a small room on the second floor of the detachment a corner is filled to capacity with loads of toys that would make even Santa blush is Reverend Michael Karabelas, the RCMP chaplain and Inspector Cam Forgues.

Karabelas wearing a RCMP jacket and is retired from the Anglican church exudes calmness and explains the two pronged approach for helping the needy.

“We have two Christmas programs supported by the RCMP members and support staff, one is the toys program which we deliver to the Salvation Army people at the Capri Hotel, they will take over from there and deliver the toys to needy kids around the community,” the soft spoken chaplain told

“The second phase is called adopt a family and it’s cash input from members and that cash will go to needy families in town who are down through no fault of their own and try to get them some food and some other items,” Kalabelas added.

Karabelas believes the help is needed even more this year due to the economic downturn.

“Every year people lose jobs but this year seems to be a bumper crop, there are good people out there who are just plain hurting, so we’ll see what we can do, and give them a hand up through a tough time with the adopt a family campaign,” he said.

“I don’t know if it’s because of the recession but the members and staff here are digging deep into their pockets to provide these gifts and donations and that is truly heartwarming,” Inspector Forgues said.

“Every kid deserves something under the Christmas tree and everybody needs a smile on Christmas morning,” he added.


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2 Responses to “RCMP help kids in need this Christmas”

  1. alex says:
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    In my neighborhood is a young family with two small children who have to move in less than a week. They are not going to have money to celebrate at Christmas. They have been full time local missionaries in the community and do a great job. The Hulkas live at 3407 logan road in the basement at present. It would be a blessing to bless them this Christmas.

  2. veronica says:
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    I have three two daughters one is 6years old and the other one is 5 months and my son is 2 and half my husband is the only one that works he is the provider for our family hes just working the 40 hrs weekly but that money goes for the bills we dont see the money everything goes to bills i know that is probably to late to ask for anything but anything that you wonderful people give my children it would mean the world to them they do not know about bills and how the ressesion is hope you can help

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