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Best of the Web for Tuesday, November 3

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009 | 6:00 am

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Rejected Mortal Kombat fatalities

Because there’s never enough ways in which you can finish someone. Of course they had to find a way to get Kanye in there. Warning: mild cartoon violence.

What would Obama wear?

This website tells you how Barack Obama would dress if he was to visit your town. It appears to detect the location of your IP address and base its results on the city’s forecast. Here in Kelowna he would wear a raincoat on Friday and Saturday.

Oscar the yawning Guinea Pig

Unwritten Best of the Web rule: when you can’t find any other cute animal videos, go with the yawning Guinea Pig.

Pic of the day

Tony Soprano crossed with Homer Simpson? Scary thought. (photo:

Tony Soprano crossed with Homer Simpson? Scary thought. (photo:dlisted.c0m)

Take U  To Da Movies by Bangs

This may very well be the worst rap video ever. Can you get through all four minutes?

Guy dancing like Michael Jackson at a bus stop

Talk about waiting for the bus in style. Apparently this dude was filmed over a 15-month period by someone noticing him out of their office window.

Kurt Russell’s Star Wars audition

Someone found a tape of a very young Kurt Russell auditioning for the role of Han Solo. George Lucas must have been happy to have found Harrison Ford.

How to really browse without leaving a trace

These instructions are the real deal, but aren’t exactly for newbies.

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