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Concert promoter sees ups and downs to weekend’s show

Monday, August 17th, 2009 | 1:39 pm

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By Holly Miyasaki

When promoter Deborah J. Cameron announced the venue change for the Rod Stewart concert several months ago from Heartland to City Park, she had to refund tickets.

Luckily, fans – all 8,000 of them – were willing to see Stewart in any venue, showed up to Saturday night’s concert.

“I’m very proud of the job the crew did,” says Cameron. “The security team was amazing, the RCMP was awesome. We couldn’t have pulled off some of the stuff…without them.”

Cameron did express concern with some issues that cropped up during the performance.

People standing in the back would try to rush to the front, she says, adding security and RCMP were helpful in containing those who were bothering audience members seated in the front rows.

Her other concern was the beer garden, which had a last call time of 7:30 p.m. The last call rule was a city requirement.

“There were a good 10 to 20 people who had a mitful of beer tickets,” she says, adding she doesn’t know if everyone heard the call for last alcohol orders. “I really like to take care of my audience and I don’t like to see them compromised in any way.”

Because the venue was on the beach, organizers found a number of people managed to sneak into the concert.

“That’s the problem with the design of City Park,” she laments. “A lot of people can get in and that’s really unfortunate.”

She hopes to come to an agreement with the regional district regarding holding future large-scale concerts at Heartland. She says she’d like to see if she can come to an agreement regional district would be more comfortable with.

“Whatever (they want) I’d be more than happy to modify my dream a bit to make that possible,” says Cameron. “We’ve been doing this for 28 years without any incidents or mishaps, it shouldn’t be any different here.

“Heartland is a far better venue than any other area in Kelowna that you could produce in. I just want to try to make it happen because this is what I do for a living.”

Currently Cameron is working on bringing two or three big names to the area. She won’t name the artists, but says once she gets closer she’ll release more information. 575-0613

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3 Responses to “Concert promoter sees ups and downs to weekend’s show”

  1. dewey says:
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    there was a 50/50 draw at the concert. nobody i spoke to heard the announcement or knows what the winning ticket was. do you know who the charity was or what the ticket number was?

  2. Lana says:
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    it was a rip off…the entire thing. Rod Stewart, given that he had all these years in the business but he still has to respect his audience and fans. It was disorganized just like ALL the other Cameron produced events like the now defunct Bluff events. Awful.

  3. K says:
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    In regards to tickets, um – shouldn’t the people selling tickets inform people of last call at time of purchase as well as possibly a sign saying that the beer garden’s last call is 730pm? That way people do not buy so many tickets! Just saying… I am amazed we keep letting this woman put on shows – she’s terrible! her organization skills are next to none – she has no forthought or anticipation of things that could happen (including proper permits and such) and ‘Heartland’ is a terrible venue up in the hills – not to mention somewhat dangerous! Plus, weren’t a lot of these complaints similar to what happened at ZZ Top 5 years ago? How did she even make so many contacts?

    Please continue discussion on the forum: link

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